Tag 14: Rolling Home

Heute hieß es Abschied nehmen von liebgewonnenen Freunden und Kollegen. Eine tolle Zeit an der Christchurch School hat sein geplantes Ende gefunden. Unsere Schülerinnen und Schüler haben bei allen Beteiligten einen tollen Eindruck hinterlassen. Die Kooperation unserer beiden Schulen hat sich weiter gefestigt und ist geprägt von großer gegenseitiger Wertschätzung.

Schulleiter Jeb Byers ließ es sich nicht nehmen, uns mit den besten Wünschen zu verabschieden: „See you in Braunschweig“.

My most valuable experience was…

… that I got into touch with so many amazing and friendly people because this made my feel very comfortable.

… the community on the campus and hospitable atmosphere.

… the feeling of beeing home at Christchurch.

… meeting all these incredible nice people and new friends, because they taught me so much about kindness, culture and international friendship.

… the Dragon Run, because the atmosphere and the environment gave me a breathtaking and mind inspiring night experience.

… the time with the host-family, because I never had an experience like this and they treated us so lovingly that I can never forget this.

… the connection between the school and the nature around the bay and how the people here are living a livestyle that let you feel like home.

… discovering the US with its cities, people and nature, because it opened new perspectives to me and triggered new thoughts.

… the time I spend with my host family, because I learned much about America and they were so nice.

… the Christchurch-only feeling of community shared by the about 200 students and their teachers.

… that I felt beeing at home right when arriving at campus.

… how we catched the fishes on the trip to Parrot Island, because it was so simple, but you never really thought about doing stuff like that.

… beeing a part of the Christchurch School community because they were welcoming and caring to me as a guest.


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